Resa is the Italian word for rendition. Antique-cut diamonds, and occasionally precious Burmese jadeite, are worked into designs that capture both curved and geometric lines in stylish renditions of Rococo and Art Nouveau motifs.
The Fei Cui Collection
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Clound & Ocean Collection
The Resa Collectiom
Caitlyn -Baby Collection
The Fei Cui collection reinterprets the Chinese tradition of precious jadeite jewelry with contemporary asymmetrical pieces enhanced with color stones for dramatic effect.  
Yun Hai Collection ~ Contrast to Claudia’s earlier “Fei Cui” & “Resa” collection, which features antique cut diamonds that subtly reflect the of luminous beauty of fine Jadeite, Yun Hai uses only brilliant cut  diamonds to highlight the glorious reflective quality of light in nature.  Like that of an impressionist painting, each stone reflects light with the likeness of moon, sun and stars above.  An interesting aspect of the collection is the asymmetrical pairs of pendants, earrings that symbolize the thematic balance of nature.
Clound & Ocean Collection
Caitlyn -Baby Collection
Caitlyn Collection ~ Meant to be shared by mother and child, the handcrafted designs incorporate diamonds and precious stones.
From an earlier training with renowned Italian jeweler Gianmaria Buccellati,    I developed a deep appreciation for the extraordinary works of experienced jewelry maker.  As such, my designs are often rich in intricate details that highlight the remarkable craftsmanship of master goldsmiths.   Delicate carvings and fine filigree works fashioned by the best artisans are layered with interesting assortments of precious gems to create texture and depth in the visual presentation.  Because  each exquisitely handcrafted jewelry are imprinted with the personality and sensitivity of master craftsman, my collections are valued not just for the sizes of diamonds or the weight of gold; they are object d’art that brings discovery and joy to their collectors.  To make the collection more animated and dynamic in today’s modern setting, I put together unconventional elements such as contrast color stones, rhodium black gold, green gold, asymmetrical forms and freely suspended settings… etc. to elicit a sense of vivacity and unexpected quality in the design. Romantic imageries extracted from the Art Nouveau and Rococo era add to the collection a final touch of femininity and ethereal beauty. The human imagination is far reaching.  I wish at the end of each creative journey, the ultimate creation would bring together qualities liken to a beautiful work of art, and always offer every jewelry connoisseur a feeling of pride and enchantment.
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